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Cat Grooming

Yes! The Pink Pug does groom cats!

As most people are aware, cats are fickle little creatures when it comes to doing anything that they really don't want to do. The claws and teeth can come out very quickly! To keep our staff and your cat safe, we do what we can do when it comes to cat grooming. In a perfect groom setting a cat groom includes ear cleaning, nail trim, bath, and if needed a trim up around the belly / bum. In some cases we may be able to shave the cat - though we can not promise it will look spectacular, it just depends on how willing your kitty companion is to let us get it done. We can't promise or guarantee much when it comes to cat grooming, it depends on what your cat will allow. With that being said, some cats are very willing to go through the grooming process! I have groomed many cats in my career as a pet groomer! Though, some are just not as willing to go through with the process and i won't traumatize any pet that just isn't willing. Which i'm sure, as a pet owner you understand and agree with. 

As far as pricing, if i can not complete anything on your cat, there is no charge. If i can complete a full groom it starts at $50. If we can only get so much done on the cat - we charge accordingly to what as been completed. Please feel free to contact me at (765)-993-6834 for any questions or to set up an appointment!

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